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Persistence matters.
All else is noise.

                           About Timewave

“Time has no divisions to mark its passage.. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.”
- Thomas Mann

Simple questions with large consequences:

  • Why do so few patients follow their treatment regimens?
  • Why do many of us fail to save?
  • Why do the best laid plans for strategic business development and organizational change meet a wall when it comes to implementation?
  • Why have societies often failed to act in the face of potentially catastrophic environmental change?

For most of us, thinking long-term is an unnatural act.  It is as if we know the future we want, but we are trapped in a short-term bubble, enclosed by the noise of everyday demands. 

Timewave Analytics aims to provide tools to see the future in behavioral terms, to enable choices related to behaviors which persist over time, and which slowly produce impacts over multiple time intervals to dramatically change the future state. 

Timewave Analytics helps individuals and organizations achieve large-scale change over time.  It is based on Time Behavior Analysis, a framework which recognizes our individual and social capacity to create large-scale change by means of small increments over extended periods.  With patent-pending methods for identifying and analyzing the impact of regularized time behaviors, Timewave develops and implements strategies for individual, organizational, and environmental change.

The Time Tectonics view recognizes that we are only dimly aware of the way that human behaviors govern the lives of individuals and organizations.  The Time Tectonics approach identifies an important class of human actions that we call regularized time behaviors.  These are repetitive events that have incremental impact.  We call these “t-behaviors.”  They are powerful because they persist in individuals and social groups. They are powerful because over time, t-behaviors have a rapidly growing impact on the social, economic or ecological environment. 

The time-behavior analysis tools make the consequences of time-behaviors visible. They enable us to identify the behaviors that are most important and the effects of continuing or changing those behaviors. Time-behaviors depend on a support system that we call the time-behavior infrastructure. In an organization, the infrastructure consists of the policies, norms, monitoring procedures, communication mechanisms and other management practices

Timewave methods analyze effects that result from repetitive events carried over long periods of time, and networked replication of behaviors.  We call these effects “resonances.”  The impacts can be quite large for organizational change, financial management, environmental issues and public health. 

We welcome your participation in this adventure. 

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