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Persistence matters.
All else is noise.

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How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
                                                                                - Annie Dillard

What is new ...

The Healthcare Blockchain Summit, took place with great success   March 20-21, 2017 in Washington DC.

Blockchain technology is already transforming financial services, and every major player in financial services has a blockchain team.  Timewave Analytics is healping to move the ball forward in healthcare.

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New white Paper: “Blockchain and Healthcare Supply Chains,” showing the opportunities for using blockchain technology to transform clinical research, drug manufacturing, data access and integrated patient care. To get your copy write to Neil Wasserman, at .

 What is Timewave ...

Timewave Analytics delivers unique capabilities in data analytics and behavior modeling to change outcomes.

  • Innovation in data tools and monitoring enables seeing patients in new ways. 
  • Innovation in communicating and listening to patients enables connecting with patients in new ways.
  • Innovation in modeling behaviors enables linking patients to their futures in new ways.

It is all about using the natural capacity of the human brain to adopt regular (cyclic, autonomic) behaviors, to move from the noise of random action to the calm cycles of progressive change.

It is all about reducing the information needed to manage behaviors that change futures. That means behaviors have to be regular, networked and synchronized across populations.

Combining behavioral models with special expertise in advanced data analytics methods, such as associative memory, can produce dramatic improvements in risk classification in many domains: healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and security. 

Let us show you how to use the new data tools and the new time-behavior models to change what you thought was possible.

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